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Window Cleaning Products

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Window Glass Cleaning Kit With Squeegee Soft Rubber, Mop, Aluminum Pole

1x35cm Soft Rubber Squeegee  1x35cm Window Mop  1 x Aluminum Pole  Bottom half of pole telescopic & top half slot on The wash head has a removeable delicate cleaning fab....
£ 29.46

Professional 3 in 1 Window Microfiber Scrubber Cleaning Kit With Spray Head, Pole

Across the board Made of ABS quality plastic materials for 100% protected, agreeable  and durable. Silicone cutting edge with exactness edge can secure your window, utilized  in assortment....
£ 53.55

Professional Window Cleaner 2 in 1 Shower Squeegee With Extension Pole & Bendable Head

2 IN 1 WINDOW WASHING EQUIPMENT KIT The multi-reason window wiper has a bendable head  and free substitution Microfiber Cloths, which makes cleaning windows speedier and more  clean. Ideal....
£ 50.88

Extendable Window Squeegee 3 in 1 Cleaner With Spray Equipment Kit For Indoor/Outdoor

The window cleaning instrument is outfitted with a splash bottle, elastic edge and  microfiber washer, which can accelerate the window cleaning speed, accelerate the  drying speed and no s....
£ 53.55

Window Squeegee Telescopic Cleaner With Stainless Pole Rotatable Head For Indoor/Outdoor

Extra-long Window Cleaner This window wiper cleaner is outfitted with 5 hardened  steel bars (counting a retractable pole), with an all-encompassing size of 221.3cm  (87 inches)- 252.3cm (....
£ 48.20

2 in 1 Window Cleaner Squeegee With Microfiber Scrubber For Bathroom, Cars And In/Outdoor

180° Adjustable Knuckle Joint Enjoy a smooth wiper. No stripes. The adaptable  head permits you to effectively clean cabin windows without moving around, which  makes cleaning windows ....
£ 41.50

High Window Cleaner Extension Pole With Squeegee Blades & Window Washer Combo Kit

Augmentation POLE + WINDOW SQUEEGEE AND SCRUBBER 5 to 12 foot (1.5-3.5m) expansion  shaft and window wiper and scrubber window washing unit permits you to guarantee all  your first and sec....
£ 113.80

Marko Triangular Gutter Brush Corner Cobweb Broom Telescopic For Optimal Cleaning

Hearty plan 240 degree customizable head  Handle stretches out to 3.9 meters Three-sided head ideal for optimal cleaning Product Specification: Width: 20 cm     Length: 170c....
£ 57.56

Marko Telescopic Handle Homewares Oval Cobweb Brush Indoor And Outdoor Use Cleaning

Extending, Telescopic Handle Ideal for cleaning hard to reach places and high corners Semi stiff PVC bristles Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use Oval/Oblong Shape for cleaning behind furniture et....
£ 18.75

Marko Homewares Broom Sweeping Brush Outdoor Soft Stiff Head Handle Stable

6 Head Types Available  1.2M Wooden Handles Available  Handle can be gotten into head with a little screw or nail (excluded) ....
£ 16.07

Marko Homewares Soft Sweeping Broom Rubber Edge With Dustpan & Brush Set

Semi Stiff Bristles  Hard Rubber Lip  Brush Attaches to Dustpan Handle for capacity  1.2M Handle  28cm Wide Head ....
£ 38.83

Draper Green Paving Brush Set With Twin Heads And Telescopic Handle

Extendable adjustable clearing brush set, provided with two exchangeable  wire brush heads.  The enormous six column head is ideal for cleaning bigger zones and the  more modest th....
£ 37.49

Showing 1-12 of 12 items.