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Weed Control Membrane

Weed Control Membrane

Weed Membrane & Control Fabric, Ground Cover For Patios, Garden, Flower Beds And Landscaping

Weed Control texture estimates 1m x 10m/39.3 inch x 393.7 inch. Can be cut with scissors/blade as indicated by your ideal estimations.  Ideal for use in Patios, Garden, Flower beds, Landscapin....
£ 28.12

Garden Mate Woven Membrane Weed Control Fabric UV Stabilized Landscape Sheet

Sheet estimates 2m x 5 m = 10 m² - Made of hard core 100gsm woven PP (polypropylene)  texture.  Adaptable: ideal for under decking, pathways, drives, bloom beds, arranging and so&nb....
£ 34.81

Weed Control Fabric & Barrier Fabric Garden Membrane Ideal For Flower Beds And Pathways

Weed Barrier Fabric Made to Last: 100g/m²weeding texture with great solidness, UV opposition, erosion obstruction and difficult to tear. Weed hindrance can tackle weed inconveniences f....
£ 41.50

Weed Barrier Heavy Duty Ground Membrane Garden Liner Control Fabric Sheet Landscape

Landscape Fabric is the ideal answer for help ensure your dirt, blossoms, plants  and vegetable patches from weeds. The polypropylene ground cover film shields your  earth and plants from ....
£ 30.79

Heavy Duty Weed Control Membrane, Weed Barrier For Garden Plant, Durability And Permeate Water

Material: weed boundary texture is made of excellent rock solid polypropylene material,  doesn't contain synthetic substances, and is tough. weed layer Lines help to pass judgment on st....
£ 34.81

Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric, Barrier Roll Multi-Purpose Garden Large Landscaping Area

WEED CONTROL FABRIC– This substantial weed control texture goes about as a strong  boundary between your dirt and arranged nursery territories, guaranteeing a weed  free showcase las....
£ 25.43

Weed Barrier Heavy Duty Woven Weed Fabric Control For Driveways, Plant Beds, Landscaping Etc

Material: Our weed control texture are made of incredibly solid and sturdy woven  polypropylene for greatest weed counteraction!  Size: The width of our weed hindrance is 2m and the leng....
£ 32.13

Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric, Woven Weed Membrane For Garden, Flower Beds And Pathways

Materials: The Weed obstruction texture is made of hard core 100gsm woven polypropylene  breathable, natural, tough and UV balanced out. The top notch configuration permits and air through ....
£ 34.81

Heavy Duty Weed Control Membrane Woven Black Sheet For Orchard, Pathways, Landscaping Etc

Great MATERIAL: Our items made by excellent woven polypropylene, got the benefits of hostile to biodegradation, UV assurance, eco agreeable and so on Great weed control impact can be accomplished with....
£ 37.49

Heavy Duty Black Weed Control Fabric Barrier, Ground Membrane Cover & Garden Landscape

Materials: The Weed boundary texture is made of rock solid 90gsm woven polypropylene,  breathable ,ecological ,tough and UV balanced out.  Capacity: The weed obstructing texture permit w....
£ 32.13

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