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Black Polythene Sheeting, Horticultural Membrane For Greenhouse, Gardening Insulation

Durable Black Polythene Sheeting:  Our black polythene sheeting are manufactured from uncooked fabric of polythene, greater ultraviolet-proof, durable than other transformed material. Not s....
£ 20.35

Nylon 6.6 Engineering Plastic Sheet Black - 6mm To 50mm Thick

One of the questions we often get asked is why choose Nylon 6.6 Sheet over Nylon 6 Sheet and all we can say is that it does everything that Nylon 6 does, but that little bit better. It has a slightly....
£ 32.52

Off-White Engineering Plastic PEEK Sheet - 60mm To 100mm

Advantage: PEEK polymer is considered one of the highest performing materials in the world. PEEK is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic known for its unique combination of properties. These inclu....
£ 1,751.00

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