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Rubber Bathroom Flooring

Rubber Bathroom Flooring

Floor A Dot

 Neat, smart & Attractive pattern  Long Lasting  & durable rubber  High Slip resistant multi-directional patterned surface  Impression finish anti-creep reverse  Good floor....
£ 112.90

Rubber Tiles D

Suitable for Areas that require Safety Underfoot or a Visually Textured Surface.They are Warm, Sound Absorbent and come in a variety of Bright Modern Colourswhich will visually enhance any area in com....
£ 9.62

Rubber Adhesive G

Vulka-Bond V19 (outdoor adhesive) is a specially formulated adhesive for Rubber Flooring and Rubber Matting. It is a non staining adhesive, formulated in an easily towellable paste.....
£ 132.83

Non Slip Flooring Matting Safety Floor Heavy Duty Vinyl Kitchen Bathroom etc

Heavy Duty Slip Resistant Vinyl Flooring R10 rated safety flooring, ideal for use in any area where a slip risk exists. 3mm thick with a commercial grade 1.0mm wear layer. Ideal for: bathroom....
£ 193.70

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